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OAKA Vending

OAKA Supercity was founded in 2016 in Glasgow as an Asian-fusion supermarket, catering to the growing demand for Asian cuisine among locals and international students. Recognizing the need for convenient access to Asian food products beyond our physical store, OAKA Vending was born with the vision to bring our brand nationwide and broaden our distribution channels. Leveraging our strong brand, reliable supply chain from Asia, and excellent connections, we have successfully expanded across the UK. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has driven our growth, making OAKA Vending a trusted choice for Asian food offerings in the UK market.

Our Model

OAKA Vending's franchise model is designed to leverage the power of small owner-operated teams, allowing us to scale our vending business while maintaining a localized approach. We believe that by empowering local entrepreneurs, we can better serve communities and bring our motto of "bringing food home" to more people. Our franchisees are equipped with high-quality vending machines, comprehensive training, and ongoing support to ensure their success. This localized approach also enables us to efficiently handle customer demands, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. With OAKA Vending's franchise model, we are able to reach more people, enhance our service offerings, and create thriving businesses in local communities.

Find out more about what we provide when you join our team below:

Vending franchise

Business Support

We have franchises spanning across the UK. We provide the necessary training materials to support all of our franchisees, ensuring that they can get up and running in no time. 

Proven Business Model

OAKA Vending as a business has proven itself to be a well-thought-out and profitable business. All of our franchisees have been able to thrive with the business model that we have provided. 

Vast network across the UK 

OAKA Vending has been established since 2018 and we have amazing relationships with partners that we work with and our franchisees can have access to. 

Marketing Support

OAKA Vending has a dedicated marketing team to help onboard new franchisees, with flyer designs and social media content available at franchisee's disposal. 

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