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Moda Living

The Build to Rent market is booming in the UK with £4.3 billion of investment pouring into the market in 2022. Moda Living have positioned themselves as market leaders in the space, creating vibrant and award winning communities in cities across the UK. Their commitment to excellence in every aspect of their residents’ lives leads them to seek out like minded partners who hold service above all else.

Oaka Vending provides a fully managed service that offers a bespoke range of products tailored down to each individual machine. The simple aesthetic of our machines compliment Moda's stylish design-led interiors. Moda residents have enjoyed using our QR code system to be able to influence the product lines to better suit their needs.

A word from the Managing Director - Richard

"At Moda, we pride ourselves on empowering residents to live their happiest and healthiest lives. By working with Oaka Vending we’re able to provide a brilliant service with convenience and choice at its heart, wrapped up in Moda-branded units that complement the aesthetic of our neighbourhoods. I highly recommend working with OAKA Vending and look forward to continuing our partnership in Moda neighbourhoods across the UK."

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